Our People


Randy Schickert



Randy Schickert joined Ebonite International in 2010. He brought extensive sales experience and a solid track record of new product development, profitable growth, cost reduction and market share leadership. He is passionate about new products, intellectual properties and innovation. He has extensive experience with Lean & Kaizen, including training in Japan.


Schickert has earned degrees in mechanical drafting, mechanical design and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in mechanical engineering and technology.  He is the inventor of record for over 25 U.S. patents.


Before joining Ebonite International, he was the senior vice-president of Custom Brands and Retail for Regal Ware Worldwide. Prior to that, he was president of Desa International’s indoor/outdoor division. He also spent 12 years with the Huffy Sports Company, serving as president and general manager.


He is an avid bowler and currently is on the board of directors for the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.


Schickert currently resides in Hopkinsville, Ky., with his wife, Diane.

Carl Rogers



Rogers, chief financial officer/treasurer, joined Ebonite International in 1985. Since that time, he has served in various positions including president of Robby’s Products, general manager/accessory division and controller. Rogers earned his BBA in Accounting from Eastern Kentucky University.

He and wife reside in Hopkinsville.

Randy Teitloff



Randy Teitloff, Vice President of Research and Development at Ebonite International, Inc.  has been with Ebonite since 1990 and has served in various positions such as R&D Manager, Technical Director, and Chemist. 


Teitloff has an extensive educational back ground including a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Geology from Western Kentucky University, an associate’s degree in coal technology from Western Kentucky University and a master’s degree in Chemistry from Arkansas State University.


Formerly a general manager in the furniture manufacturing industry, Teitloff also has experience with polyurethane foams, coating and engineering.  He grew up in a bowling environment, where his Mother participated in bowling leagues and his Grandfather built and managed a number of bowling centers.


Teitloff currently lives with his wife in Paducah, Kentucky.  They have four children.

Vivian Craft



Vivian Craft joined Ebonite International in 1976 and has witnessed many changes, both in the bowling industry and business in general.


Originally hired as a temp, Craft soon earned full-time employment as an order entry clerk, keying in all of the orders by hand. Invoicing and credits were also done by hand during this time period.

By 1983, Craft was working with international customers, seeing a series of changes in communications from telex, to fax and e-mail. “Communication with your customers and sales people was all by phone, hand written orders and notes,” said Craft.


In September, 2002, Craft was promoted to Customer Service Manager, a position she still holds today. Craft said the addition of Columbia 300 and Track to the Ebonite International family was a huge undertaking and there have been trying times, but the customer service representatives and devoted employees of Ebonite have always risen to the occasion.“Ebonite customer service has always been known as the best in the industry,” she said.


She currently resides in Hopkinsville, Ky. with her husband.

Regina Arnold