Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and how will the winners be announced?

A: Ebonite will announce the winners on the last Monday of each promotion month, starting Aug., 29 2016, and winners will be listed in the Junior Gold Approach newsletter, which typically goes out on the last Thursday of the month.


Q: How will the winners be directly notified?

A: The winners will be contacted by phone from an Ebonite special guest.


Q: If I win, when would I go?

A: After the winner has been notified, IBC Youth will coordinate with both Ebonite and the winner to determine the best timeframe for the trip.


Q: If I win, how will the travel work?

A: We will put you in touch with our Travel Coordinator, who will take care of arranging your flight for you and one parent/guardian, hotel, and rental car. Additional expenses such as baggage, food, and travel amenities will not be covered.


Q: Can the same person win more than once in a season?

A: No, only one member can win this promotion once in a lifetime.