Ebonite International’s sponsorship of the Junior Gold Championships includes an annual scholarship program that launched with the start of the 2017-2018 season.

The Junior Gold Road to College Scholarships presented by Track annually will award 80 scholarships to individual Junior Gold advancers each September through June. In coordination with Track Bowling, each month during the 10-month period, eight Junior Gold advancers from across the United States will be selected to receive a scholarship.

The program was built so scholarships will be distributed evenly, based on the number of bowlers who advance from the different states. Each state will have at least one scholarship recipient, and states with larger Junior Gold participation will receive multiple awards.

Road to College Scholarships presented by Track

Track Bowling, the presenting sponsor of this promotion, will make the announcement each month. The winners will be contacted, and then Junior Gold membership will be notified through the Junior Gold Approach newsletter. The winners also will be listed on the Junior Gold webpage.

Each winner will be awarded 50 scholarship points, which will be added to their SMART account under the provider name: Junior Gold Road to College. 

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